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Frequently asked questions

What are SMM panels? What are they made for?

SMM panels are an integral part of any strategy for promoting social media accounts. If you want to strengthen your presence in social networks, make people start talking about you, find out the important information that you have published, you just need to start using the SMM panel. SMM Panel is like an online store that you can visit to purchase SMM tools and services.

What SMM services can I find on your SMM Panel?

We can offer you a huge number of different types of SMM services: likes, subscribers, views, comments, visitors, actions, etc. The full list of services is huge and is updated daily.

Is it safe to buy SMM services from your panel? Can I trust your SMM Panel?

Sure! We work with a huge number of providers who provide the highest quality services. We do our best to make you trust our SMM panel. Your accounts should not be banned. Do not forget that the quality of service directly depends on the price. For some purposes, it is possible to buy a cheap promotion, for others we cannot recommend it.

What if I want to place a lot of orders?

It's possible! With the bulk order function, you can place multiple orders at the same time with different links. Find the 'Mass Order' tab in the 'New Orders' section.

What does Drip-feed mean?

This is an indispensable option for high-quality account promotion! Grow your accounts as fast as you want with Drip-feed.
How it works. Let's say you want to add 2000 followers to your account. Instead of getting all 2000 at once, you can get 200 per day for 10 days. And this will reduce the risks and create the appearance of a natural increase in subscribers.

Do you use bots or robots in your SMM services? Is this bad?

We have a huge number of service providers. Some use bots and fake accounts in their services, others don't. One way or another, you need to understand that bots are not always bad. Modern systems are so well made that it is almost impossible to distinguish a fake account or a bot from a real person! Moreover, the goal itself is different. By using the services, you make the social network think that you are popular, and it automatically starts showing you and your messages to other people. This way you make a huge push in promoting your account.